Whoo Mod Post! o/

In theory I should have made one of these ages ago, when I first started this community up, instead of just being like "OKAY GO", as I was. Just a few quick things to note, I guess -

1) An introduction. To the handful of you watching the comm, and the other members (present, future, whatever): welcome. I'm your mod and...I am faceless, nameless, etc. You can call me whatever you want, and don't hesitate to contact me on the off chance that you need anything!

2) I guess I'm looking for advice, opinions, etc. What can I do to improve this tiny little comm? To make it better, to advertise it more, etc? Should I advertise it more frequently, should I allow tags for posts like dear_mun just started doing? Feed back would be awesome. ♥

I guess that's it! I know not a lot of people actively watch this place, but hey~
fa somarie

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If a friend started reading your journal today, what would you need to fill them in on so they could understand what you're writing about?
That would depend on which friend it was. However, I suppose all of them should realize there where happenings in my life that I'd have to tell them about, and which may be confusing or downright unwelcome from their point of view. Before they'd start reading, I'd want them to know that what they could find in my journal shouldn't shake their trust in me. I'm still the person they know.

I know they would understand.